Screw Extractor Kit

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Screw remover will easily remove screw and bolt head types from flat head, phillips, hex, allen, torx, square, round and any other type of stripped screw or bolt you encounter. Within a matter of seconds you easily removed that broken screw without damaging any of your other tools or bits. Made of high speed steel. Easy to use, just two easy steps. Works with any drill and any screw size or bolt. Designed to remove stubborn, rusted, stripped, screws or bolts. WORK FOR SCREW SIZE : 1# remove diameter 3 to 5 mm. 2# remove diameter 4 to 8 mm. 3# remove diameter 5 to 10 mm. 4# remove diameter 6 to 12 mm. HOW TO USE : Slowly start to drill a hole into the screw head or bolt with the cutting size. This creates a cone shaped hole that makes it easy for the extractor head to grab onto. Flip the drill bit to the extractor side. Reverse your drill and start slow to allow the threads to catch. Continue to screw or drill until the bolt or screw is fully removed.